Cyber Security Certification

The recognize functions of the NIST Cyber security framework is a category which name is Risk Assessment. According to NIST, the aim of a cyber security risk assessment is for an organization to comprehend the cybersecurity risk to administrative operations including mission, functions, image, or reputation, organizational assets, and individuals.

Many organizations suffer security paralysis condition which is impossible to arrange areas for remediation due to limited resources. By default nowadays attacks are multi-level and multi-channel. A cyber security risk assessment is essential to detect the gaps in our organization’s critical risk zones and to define actions to close those gaps. It will also ensure that we invest time and money in the right areas and do not waste resources.

A usual cyber security risk assessment includes identifying the numerous information resources that could be affected by a cyber-attack such as hardware, systems, laptops, customer data, intellectual property, etc., monitored by detecting the numerous risks that could affect those resources.

The aim of the cyber security risk assessment exercise is to place a basis for sensible security planning. Going through a risk assessment exercise alone will not truly fix security issues; the actual work is building protective, risk reducing solutions and still lies ahead. Organizations can do this through cyber security certification training or cyber security training courses for their employees. This can greatly lower the risk of a successful cyber attack.